gear coupling

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Delhi, India
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gear coupling

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Our flexible geared couplings meet the acceptance norms set forth in IPSS : 1-01-005-86-specification followed by the Indian steel industry. The couplings are known for the highest possible torque transmission capability, greater mechanical flexibility and ease of compensation for angular, parallel and axial misalignment of connected shafts with minimum power loss. Gear hubs and outer sleeves are manufactured from medium carbon steel. The teeth are induction hardened to 42 HRC for obtaining longer life. The teeth are generated by involute system having 30 degree pressure angle to make a quantum break-through in coupling design and performance. The coupling parts and gears are interchangeable.


  • Less Backlash

  • Compact Assembly

  • Larger Bore Capacities

  • EN-9 Forged Steel Hubs

  • Close tolerance connecting bolts

  • High power to weight ratio

  • Withstand all types of misalignment (Angular, Parallel, and Axial)

  • Can be used for high temperature applications with proper grade of lubricant