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Flexible Gear Couplings The fundamental characteristic of Allflex Flexible Gear Couplings is their high torque to size ratio, thus offering a compact assembly capable of both high loads and high speeds. The design of these couplings is such that it accommodates angular, offset or combined angular-offset misalignment within allowable ratings and permits axial float or thermal expansion of connected shafts. CONSTRUCTION: Full Gear type AFG Allflex Flexible Gear Coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, two identical flanged sleeves with internal teeth, a flange gasket, a set of flange bolts nuts and lock washers, four lube plugs with Aluminum gaskets and two oil/grease retaining Nitrile ‘O’ rings over the hubs. For couplings upto size 11O flanged sleeves are made from closed die forgings and hubs from EN9/C55 steel. For the bigger couplings the sleeves are made from grade 1 cast steel and hubs from forged steel.