Gear coupling

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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Gear coupling

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Description Gear coupling is in the special shape that the internal gear sleeve, which is designed with the involute gear type, and the hub internal gear, which is processed with crowning, are engaged with each other. SS and CC type that two couples of hub and sleeve are combined have slight eccentricity, declination, and axial displacement, but they softly transmit power. SE and CE type that couple of hub and sleeve are combined with a flange can absorb only the axial displacement.

FeaturesCompared with the transmitted hp, it is small and light. Its lifetime is long and the loss of transmitted power has been minimized. It makes little noise and vibration even it revolves at high speed. It is internally lubricated so the anti-abrasion of gears gets increased. It is a crowning gear type so it transmits power through point contact, along with the curved line so it absorbs eccentricity, declination, and axial floating by itself. Therefore, it can protect the mechanical part and transmit strong power.

UseGearbox, Crane, Hoist, Rolling mill, Agitator, Conveyor