6 Volt micro gear motor couplings for sale

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Funtain Motor
Model Number:
Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Home Appliance, ATM
Gear Motor
Permanent Magnet
Protect Feature:
Continuous Current(A):

6 Volt micro gear motor couplings for sale

Product Description

Model No.:25GA310

Product showcase:

2D drawing:

Motor Performance ( Customization available ):

Gearbox Length (mm) Stage Number Reduction Ratio Rated Torque Bearable Maximum Instant Torque kg.cm 19 4 15.5/1 20.4/1 1.0 3.0 21 5 26/1 30/1 34/1 45/1 2.0 6.0 23 6 57/1 75/1 98/1 2.5 7.0 25 7 125/1 165/1 217/1 3.0 8.0 27 8 274/1 362/1 478/1 3.0 8.0

MODEL REDUCTION RATIO VOLTAGE NO LOAD AT MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY STALL OPERATING RANGE NOMINAL SPEED CURRENT SPEED CURRENT TORQUE OUTPUT TORQUE CURRENT V rpm A rpm A kg.cm W kg.cm A 25GA310-75-1292 75/1 3.0~12.0 12.0 92 0.03 74 0.51 0.5 0.39 2.6 0.36 25GA310-98-0650 98/1 3.0~6.0 6.0 50 0.045 41 0.19 1.1 0.45 6.0 0.76 25GA310-362-1224 362/1 3.0~12.0 12.0 24 0.032 20 0.11 2.2 0.44 12.0 0.44 25GA310-478-03.68.2 478/1 2.0~5.0 3.6 8.2 0.04 6.3 0.14 1.5 0.10 6.6 0.46
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  • Q: Can I get some samples first ? How soon can I get the samples ?
  • A: Yes,we can make samples, but normally sample is not for free (sample fee is charged varying from 3usd/pc -40 usd/pc). And the sample making time depends on different types, for some small motor types( 3-10days is possible), while some gearbox motor should be about 25days more or less. Additional, there will be about extra 2-3 days for the delivery time, and the shipping cost is not for free too.
  • Q: Are these motor’s parameter from the above list can be modified ?
  • A: Yes,motor’s parameter can be customized. We can modify the motor’s working voltage,rated speed, torque etc, and motor’s shaft dimension can be modified too. We are pleased to make those modification, the more details you provide, the more fluent our cooperation will be.
  • Q: What parameter should I provide before the sample making ?
  • A: Good question. Normally we need to know theNominal Voltage,Free-load Speed,On-load Torque,On-load Speed,Rotation Direction,Shaft Diameter and Length.If there is other special requirment, please let us know in advance,such as working current limits,EMC limits,noise limits,expected lifetime and shaft process(D-shape, multy-knurls,mounting holes etc).
  • Q: Sometimes I dont know the exact required parameter, how should I choose a suitable model ?
  • A: We can make some suggestions as long as you provide your specific requirement. We need to know what kind of product will be this model used for ? And what does the working condition look like (duty cycles and load status)? And how long is the motor’s expected lifetime ? etc. Then we can a make full assessment according to that.
  • Q: Is there any Testing Report or Motor Specification when I get the sample ?
  • A: Yes, we can provide the Testing Report and Specification after the sample is ready. We will send a PDF file to you. By the way, Motor Specification will be availabe 3-5days later after sample is ready.