Variable Speed Fluid Couplings

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The type PST fluid coupling when used in conjunction with a fixed speed motor, provides stepless speed regulation for a wide range of application, including fan and pump drives. Principally for use at 2 pole and 4 pole motor speeds they are suitable for powers upto 3180KW at 3000rev/min, 2780KW at 3600rev.min and 5200KW at 1500rev/min.

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The rotating compenents are supported in ball and orller bearings in a horizontally split oil tight stationary casing which also serves as an oil reservoir. An oil circulating pump. motor/gear driven from the input shaft, is normally provided.

The robust casing, which is weatherproof and able to withstand extermes of temperature, enables the type PST fluid coupling to be used in open air installations.

Movement of the external control varies the position fo the scoop tube controlling the speed of the output shaft. Automatic or remote controls can readily be applied. stepless speed control over a range of 5:1 is available for suitable applications.

Both shaft extension are parallel and are suitable for most flexible couplings.