Gear Coupling

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WCC Gear Coupling follows the international standard AGMA and JIS, and so can easily replace most of industrial products. This flexible coupling compensate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment and end float. The fully crowned hub teeth provide minimum loading stress,and ensure longer life.

1) High torque, small size, long life and very little loss of transmitting power. 2) The concave-convex flange design help a easy assembly, and the high quality gasket prevent leakage of lubricant. 3) Gear Coupling permits parallel, angular and end floating misalignments by its crown gear tooth.

The driving and driven shafts are not parallel to each other, but not on the same straight line. The driving and driven shafts installed with an limited angle. The driving and driven shafts slide slightly along the gear teeth. Most of cases, above 3 misalignment appear mixed in an appliation.