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UGI Engineering Works Pvt. Limited is a trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of excellent grade Gear Coupling which are used for transmission of power amid two shafts. The offered range comprises premium quality Gear Coupling and Precision Gear Coupling. These are widely used in heavy machinery that finds application in a number of industries, like Rolling Mill, sugar mills, electrical and electronics, automobile, and more.Manufactured from quality assured alloy Steel, and Carbon Steel, our Gear Coupling are much preferred in India as well as in the international market for its high durability, efficient performance, tough construction, and easy maintenance. Our expert production personnel employ advanced techniques, such as forging, casting, tempering, proof machining, finish machining, etc. to manufacture this flawless gamut. Further, the finished output is tested by our quality control inspectors to ensure that the entire range is perfect in all aspects.

The chief characteristics of our Gear Coupling are:

  • Low noise transmission
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Minimum level power losses
  • Easy process to installation
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
The advantages of using Geared Coupling on all directly connected machinery is now recognized and appreciated by engineers and operating men. Gear couplings are intended to compensate for the usual and unavoidable errors in alignment and should allow free lateral flow to the connected shafts. Even when favourable conditions permit perfect alignment to the two Shafts, there is no assurance they will remain so, the vibrations, the sinking of foundation, wear of bearings and inaccuracies in machining are all common enemies to the safe and efficient operation of connected machinery.
Misalignment of machines connected by rigid couplings not only causes excessive wear of couplings and machine parts but also increase power consumption. When two out of line shafts are connected rigidly, severe bending stresses are set up in each shaft. For each revolution, the shaft passes through a complete cycle of tension and compression stresses and would be likely to fatigue the shaft material and considerable heat and damage the whole mechanism.
Universal Gear Couplingsare designed to handle the misalignments of connected shafts. These couplings in an assembled condition are ready to take misalignment.When transmitting torque you need a perfect selection and correct type of coupling to achieve the maximum optimum efficiency and dependability. Our designed gear couplings with Triple Crowned barrel shaped tooth coupling are the solution the your problems. Built to last longer, protect your equipment and save your money,Universal Gear Couplingsare right for a whole world of applications.
Curved tooth gear couplingswith teeth triple crowned barrel shaped to take misalignment in both axes. Alloy Steel forged material. Internal teeth generation on Gear shaper and crowning of external teeth on Hobbing Machine