Gear coupling

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Place of Origin:
West Bengal, India
Brand Name:
Model Number:
FG-100 to FG-119
Flexible or Rigid:

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Gear Coupling is used to join two rotating shafts for efficient transmission of Mechanical Power. Flexocon full gear Flexible Gear Coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, two identical flanged sleeves with internal teeth, a gasket, a set of bolts, nuts and spring washers, lube plugs and two oil/grease retaining O-ring over the hubs. Flexocon Geared Couplings are manufactured employing tested raw materials through precision manufacturing processes using special purpose machines, jigs, fixtures, tooling and gauges and are subject to continuous inspection. Flexocon Geared Couplings are designed and manufactured to accomodate Angular, Parallel and Axial Misalignments. Upto Plus/Minus 1.5 Digree angular misalignment capacity is provided in standerd Couplings.Features: * High Power to weight ratio * Compacrt assembly* Accomidates angular, parallel and axial misalignment* Larger bore capacities * Crown Gear teeth for longer life* Less backlash error* Heat treated as per application* Generally used upto 120C.* Close tolerance connecting bolts.* Interchangeability* Minimum downtime.