Gear Coupling

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Place of Origin:
Punjab, India
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Ahuja Gear Coupling
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A gear coupling is a power transmission coupling which uses a hub with gear teeth on the outside diameter of the input shaft. Like hub on the output shaft is connected by a flange or a sleeve with teeth on the inside diameter, to transmit torque and to accommodate shaft misalignment. These Gear Couplings are applied for transmitting torque and power between two shafts. Gear couplings are used for coupling of motor to fly wheel, fly wheel to gearbox and other such uses to make them work efficiently.We present our unique collection of high quality Gear Coupling, which are rated high in terms of quality and accuracy. We manufacture these Gear Couplings using premium grade metal, which provides close tolerance for accurate alignment and proper balance. We design and manufacture gear couplings as per client specification or as required for the application area.

Features:The highlighting features of our Gear Coupling are as follows:

  • High tensile fixing bolts
  • Excellent torque capacity
  • Capacity of withstanding jerk load
  • Precisely checked pitches
  • Rated speed & torque
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Appropriately heat treated teeth
  • Specially designed sealing arrangement

Engineering data for full gear coupling.

  • Size range No. 106 to 112 Suitable for 6" to 24" P.C.D. rolling mills.
  • Made from En SERIES Forged Steel.